Resources for You

We have gathered some important documents to help save you some time. 

These resources were updated in July 2017. All of the files pertaining to tree bylaws were downloaded from their respective city or municipality website. They are assumed to be accurate, but DO NOT rely on them as your only source of information.  Please be sure to always check with your city to ensure you are aware of the most recent bylaws.

Why Hire an Arborist?

This is an article that explains why it is important to hire someone who is qualified to care for your trees and to help you make decisions about that care. 


Topping Hurts Trees

The following is an article which helps to explain why topping is illegal in many places. The bylaws have been put into place to protect homeowners who hire a company under the assumption that they are tree care professionals and are qualified to give them good advice on how to care for their trees. Because trees can be permanently damaged by one bad "pruning", some cities and municipalities have included tree pruning guidelines into their tree protection bylaws. Regardless of any bylaw, we only employ modern, accepted pruning practices. This article will help you to understand (or further your understanding) of how trees react to pruning. 

Laminated Root Rot

Laminated root rot is a disease caused by the fungus Phellinus Sulphurascens. (formerly Phellinus Weirii) This pdf has a lot of great information about the disease. If you suspect your trees may be infected, a root crown assessment can be performed to identify advanced decay of the roots. 

Identifying Tree Risk

A tree owner's guide to tree risk. This is no substitute for an assessment by an Arborist, but it does give some important insight. 

Tree Selection

Step 1 when planting a new tree. This is an important read for someone who wants to plant a tree. Choosing the right location and species of tree will set you on the path to a long, happy relationship with your new friend.  

Buying a Quality Tree

Step 2 to planting a tree. It is so very important to pick a high quality tree. So many trees at the nurseries are damaged or unhealthy. Choose wisely. This guide will help. I suggest printing it off and taking it with you to the nursery. Happy hunting. 

Planting Your New Tree

Step 3. Put it into it's new home. Carefully. 

Gator Bags For Watering Young Trees

Here is a link to purchase Gator Bags. They are a simple, effective and cheap way to assist in watering young trees. The link will take you to the online store for Universal Field Supplies, a Canadian Arborist supply company with a location in Port Coquitlam.  

Neighbour Permission Letter

This link will give you a basic permission letter to use to gain a neighbour’s permission to prune or remove a tree either on or close to their property.


Timber Mark Application

You will need this application if you would like to sell your logs to a mill.  This is used by anyone in British Columbia to track the sale of timber. 

Treatment options for Douglas Fir Bark Beetle

This is a link to a website where you can buy products to deter beetles. Contact Bruce Thompson by following the link for more information and pricing.  

Working Around Water

A user's guide to working in and around water. If you intend to remove trees by a stream, this document will help you understand the process.

City of Surrey

Township of Langley

A new tree protection bylaw was introduced on July 9, 2019. The old Brookswood Fernridge tree bylaw is no longer in effect.

City of Abbotsford

City of Maple Ridge

District of Mission

City of White Rock

City of Coquitlam